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Workshop with Alex Allan | Dynamic Technique and Sequences | Rope and Fabric

We are very happy to announce that we will host an interesting workshop held by Alex Allan Dynamic Technique and Sequences | Rope and Fabric   10 - 11 - 12 July 2020

Orizzonti Alt|r|i - Florence - ITALY


10 july 18.00 - 21.00

11 july 10.00 - 13.00

12 july 10.00 -13.00

min. 6 participants | max 12 participants To send us your registration please follow the link ------------------------------------------------------ Dynamic Technique and Sequences | Rope and Fabric Dynamic technique is all about momentum. By finding the path of least resistance, releasing to gravity and exerting force at the optimal moment we can access a whole new vocabulary of release moves while making it look easy. In this series we’ll learn a range of different beats that are applicable to both fabric and rope. They are the glue that that turns our individual skills into larger phrases of dynamic choreography. Beats are our foundation and will open up a whole new vocabulary of dynamic entries, exits, releases and rolls. We’ll explore a range of these transitions in the context of larger sequences. This workshop would be perfect for fabric and rope students newer to dynamic work or wanting to expand their current vocabulary as well as more advanced students wishing to push their abilities, technique and repertoire. Pre-requisites: Participants must feel comfortable with a range of dynamic beats and hip key roll ups. Must be able to complete a straight arm & leg inversion. Level: Intermediate+ ----------------------------------------------------------

Bio: Alex Allan is an aerialist, dancer and theatre practitioner. His initial training was in physical theatre at Charles Sturt University, Australia, 2006-08. He then completed the Professional Aerial Program at the San Francisco Circus Center 2009-11, where he specialised in Aerial Rope. His fascination with physical anatomy and psychology of the body led him to further train as a Structural Integration practitioner at the SOMA Institute outside of Seattle, Washington in 2013.His educational background in theatre, circus & body work has been influential in his development as a teacher and performer. He strives to challenge the conventions of aerial acrobatics by blending the boundaries of Circus, Dance and Theatre. His practice exists at the intersection of acrobatics, anatomy, storytelling and soul.Alex has toured the world offering workshops and teacher trainings in Aerial Rope. He has worked collaboratively with companies such as Panama Pictures, Zaccho Dance Theatre, Teatro Zin Zanni and Acrobatic Conundrum. He is currently based in Bristol, UK.

Video links:

Teaching Demo

‘Armor On’ Trailer

‘Co.’ Trailer




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